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103 Percent Hawaii Home Mortgages Loans

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What is better than getting your home with no down payment? How about no down payment, plus an extra 3% to cover closing costs.

This Hawaii financing opportunity for borrowers with excellent credit but little money for down payment. This loan program is a great way to get into your new home or investment property by increasing the cost of the loan by 3%

  • Hawaii Zero Down plus finance 3% of your closing costs into the loan.
  • Sellers in Hawaii may also contribute an additional 3% towards your closing costs.

This hawaii program offers a special 103% Financing loan program. This loan program is perfect for those who do not have substantial savings for a down payment and who need help with closing costs. Under this loan program, up to 3% of closing costs can be financed for a total loan to value (LTV) ratio of 103%.

No down payment is required with our 103% Financing. Also, there are no income limits or restrictions. However, it should be noted that a credit score of at least 700 is required in order to qualify for this loan program.



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